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Online feedback

Published:Tuesday | April 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are comments from readers of www.jamaica-gleaner.com in response to yesterday's article, 'Stand firm, Andrew'.

Quiet support

Seaga would do Mr Holness a favour if he remains behind the scene with his support for him. Seaga is not a valuable reference for Holness. In the eyes of majority of the Jamaican people, Seaga is not loved. The people will transfer the hate/contempt for Seaga to Andrew.

- Rev Joan Porteous

Constant loser

I am not sure I would be taking advice about leadership and winning from a man who is a constant loser. I would say take advice from P.J. Patterson on how to win an election and advice from Eddie on how to grow an economy once you have won. The JLP cannot win on its message; the party needs to say what the people want to hear, much like how the PNP has done over the last 22 years.

- Jayjayja


Respect to Mr Seaga for what he has done outside of politics. He is a remnant of an era that has helped to shape our misfortunes and what we call politics. Go write another book and enjoy your retirement. Holness can say he has not yet had a chance to be a leader, so what would be the point of removing him unless you are Mike Henry? The JLP has work to do. It has already been too quiet for too long. Your job is to be the GOJ in waiting; hurry up and restructure, strengthen yourselves with new faces (with clean records) so you can do the job.

- NowOnTheOutside

Bad memories

Seaga, you just killed Holness political career by making yourself visible. You bring back bad memories to the Jamaican people.

- Guess