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LETTER OF THE DAY - 'Shape up, Digicel'

Published:Tuesday | April 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM


DIGICEL HAS been straying from the two ideals which have caused them to be so loved by the average Jamaican: proper telecommunications and customer service.

I am frequently unable to make calls. Before the phone rings once the "call ended" message often flashes on my screen. When the phone does reach the ringing stage, it will frequently ring endlessly without answer. I do eventually get through, only to be told by the person I was calling that they have received no missed calls from me. One may suspect that I am being avoided; however, I have been on the other end of this scenario. To test my phone, when it is giving such difficulties, I call my LIME mobile and it does not ring. However, when I use my LIME to call my Digicel right after, the call goes through perfectly.

Texting on Digicel is also atrocious. The first issue is that messages are often delivered or received hours after they are sent. Second, to activate VIP texting on my postpaid account I have to call a customer service representative who has to put me on to a supervisor, who then has to contact the so-called 'technical team'' to apply the charges to my account. (In the year 2012, why does one have to call a public service provider to have charges applied to an account, especially given that in the process of setting up VIP texting, Digicel requires that a code be sent to approve charges?)

I must note that I have had to do this monthly for a year and have only encountered one supervisor who has been courteous, apologetic and efficient: a lady by the name of Julia.

A quick visit to Digicel's Facebook or Twitter profile will reveal that my issues are not isolated. I advise Digicel to shape up their frankly pathetic service or risk trading places with LIME.

Howard Wynand