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Published:Tuesday | April 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

What major issues do you think should be discussed at the Cabinet retreat?

Job creation to engineer growth, what is the real state of the IMF, the economy and how it will affect the poorer class.

- Akeem Dobson

Political friction and corruption in high places.

- Brian Farris

Unemployment and the effect on the minimum wage.

- Timmy Howell

Better laws to protect children and youth and more funding for the poor to go back to school or get jobs. More reduced fee or free health clinics so people don't have to travel so far for primary care. More churches with wellness centres to help their communities.

- Praying ForAll

They should discuss how they can put a halt to their incompetence.

- Milo TrueBlue Riley

Crime reduction and job creation to develop economic growth.

- Trevon Salmon

Crime reduction, competency within schools, and put more emphasis on exportation.

- Jordanne Hanlan

Indiscipline on the roads, chronic bad roads in garrison communities, and access to funding agencies online.

- Jeremy Hood-Daniel

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