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LETTER OF THE DAY - Measures needed to prevent fires

Published:Wednesday | April 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THE DESTRUCTION of property and lives in fires is becoming a regular occurrence in the island. A few days ago, a three-year-old child perished in a fire in St Mary. Fires are sometimes caused by electrical problems, humans' irresponsible actions, and nature itself.

In view of the danger emanating from fire incidents, I recommend that Jamaicans engage the services of only professional/certified electricians in the wiring of houses; there be no illegal connections to Jamaica Public Service power lines; and the construction of houses be done strictly in accordance with building codes/regulations. This includes wiring of buildings.

I am of the view that after two decades, a building should be rewired and electrical fittings changed for the prevention of fire. Furthermore, irresponsible actions such as leaving pots on fire to see a friend some distance away or to take a nap, throwing an unfinished cigarette in a bush near a house, plugging in an electric iron and 'forgetting' it, should be avoided.

I also suggest that hydrants be installed in communities across Jamaica, as this will facilitate the work of our firefighters in the event of fires. Community leaders, church leaders, school administrators and managers of firms should organise seminars in which fire department personnel speak on the topic of 'Fire Prevention Measures'. This way, Jamaicans would become sensitised and familiar with safety tips that can save lives and property.

Ugochukwu Durueke

Claremont, St Ann