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Drop hypocrisy for Easter

Published:Wednesday | April 4, 2012 | 12:00 AM


DURING THIS celebratory Lenten and Easter season it is most appropriate to reflect upon some of the teachings and admonitions of Jesus Christ of Nazareth with regard to the practice of hypocrisy.

Simply put, hypocrisy is pretentiousness or false outward display. The character Hyacinth in the British sitcom Keeping up Appearances is a good example of what hypocrisy is all about.

When Jesus was on Earth, no group was more guilty of this form of deception than the Pharisees - that Jewish sect which claimed to possess superior sanctity, although privately their morality was the very opposite of what they displayed in public. Their overall behaviour was so contradictory and repulsive that Jesus referred to this group of sanctimonious leaders as hypocrites who prayed openly to be seen by their fellow men.

Sinister practice

It may be truly said that hypocrisy is as prevalent today as it was during the time Jesus was alive in the Holy Land. Millions of people throughout the world have become hostages to this sinister practice of hypocrisy. From ordinary folks to those in high authority, hypocrisy seems to have become an integral component of this universal culture of double-dealing.

The political arena is a breeding ground for hypocritical statements. Politicians invariably say what the masses want to hear during an electoral campaign, but also invariably do the opposite after they have been elected. Similarly, those who claim to be imbued with religious fervour love to preach, testify and pray in churches and public places to display their religiosity, but in private they are also imbued with hatred, bitterness, resentment and an unforgiving spirit.

During this Lenten and Easter season we should all reflect upon the teachings and admonitions of Jesus Christ and try to rid ourselves of that sinister phenomenon known as hypocrisy.


Ontario, Canada