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Bad Dawg Sausages

Published:Thursday | April 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The mobile Bad Dawg cart that goes around the island for promotions. - Contributed photos

If you thought Caribbean Broilers were only in the chicken business, you would be wrong. They have had a number of pork products on the market for some time and in February the company launched the latest: Bad Dawg Sausages. Why the name? It's the CB spin on a popular American favourite 'hot dogs, only theirs is bigga, betta, badda!

And when we say big, we mean really big. So look out for these sausages being sold from mobile branded vending carts at any outdoor event near you in the weeks and months to come. However, don't get ready to beat a path to your favourite supermarket just yet. Bad Dawg Sausages will not be sold in any store just yet.

The sausages will be sold from vending carts through a new and exciting business venture partnering with individual owners to create a retail sales channel through standardised, branded food carts. The carts will sell hot dogs only while creating job opportunities for small business owners. To this end, Caribbean Broilers is looking for entrepreneurs with passion, dedication and energy and who want to run their own businesses.


1. Enter into an exclusive agreement with CB Foods to sell Bad Dawg sausage and other pre-approved items.

2. Offer consumers an affordable meal-on-the-go for $150-$200.

3. Purchase and finance pre-approved carts.

4. CB Foods provides cart branding umbrellas and uniforms.

5. Undergo safety, customer service and management training by CB Foods.

6. Have and maintain a valid food handler's permit.

7. Carts and operators are periodically audited.

8. Secure vending licence from parish council.

9. Maintain and manage the transport cart.

10. Purchase minimum weekly quantities.

11. Comply with all the instruction, guidelines and operation manuals provided by CB Foods.

Taste Testers Say

When the mobile cart pulled into The Gleaner's parking lot last Friday and the team, led by brand manager Alicia Bogues, began to grill the fat, yummy sausages, members of staff lined up, eager to sample the hot dogs. After they tasted, they had this to say:

- Like the smoky, salty taste.

- Nice, moist, juicy, big.

- Nice, good, size is more economical than others.

- It's OK, I like it and would buy it.

- It's magnificent, I love it.

- Nice but a bit chewy.

- Tough casing, not tender at all.

- Big!

- Juicy, could be smaller.

- Tough on the outside, chewy on the outside.

- Filling, good taste, I like this sausage.

- Tastes good, could be softer though.

- Tough skin but good flavour.

- Not salty, nice smoky flavour but a little tough to bite into.

- Nice smoky flavour and the casing holds the juices

- Could be darker in colour.

- Good smoky flavour, love the fact that it's not salty.

- I can actually taste the meat so I hope this is not compromised when the product takes off.

- Quality meat, not salty.

- Good taste but a little tough outside.

- I like the flavour with the condiments.

- Good, the best I ever had!

- This is a really big 'dawg'

- Casing is tough but flavour is nice.

- Nice, not salty, great flavour.

Aubrey Dennis (left) and Alicia Bogues, brand manager of Bad Dawg sausages. - Contributed

This is the actual size of the cart that all interested entrepreneurs will be using. - Contributed

Plump, juicy and very big Bad Dawg sausages on the grill.

Jason Tracy (left) and Oshane Harvey cook up some Bad Dawg sausages on the grill. - photos by Chadwyck Vassell/Photographer

Taking a bite of her yummy Bad Dawg sausage.