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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | April 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Andrew out of touch

Some say recent pronouncements by the opposition leader show just how out of touch he is with the reality on the ground. They say talk of reaching out on Facebook cannot be a substitute for going out in the hills and valleys, where the majority is to be found, and trying and reconnecting at a personal level, as the current prime minister did for the four years she spent in Opposition.

Mistress should get the boot

Observers are a little put off that the mistress is still sitting on boards to which she was appointed by her paramour, who is now out of office and favour, and is lording it over all and sundry, as if she is untouchable. They say she should do the honourable thing and return quietly into obscurity.

Puss on the loose

Some have now taken to calling her 'the Puss'. No, not because of dishonesty, but because they say she's like a cat with nine lives. As they say, she is so good at brown-nosing, she has now managed to convince her new bosses she is indispensable and that they cannot function effectively without her. Her detractors say otherwise. They say she is self-promoting and has been more disruptive than a Category 5 hurricane, known more for her back-stabbing than for moving the organisation forward. All eyes are on this one to see how long the new bosses will tolerate her and her schemes.

There goes the neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is abuzz with stories about who is the new owner/occupant of the house once owned by the operator of the Ponzi scheme for the common man. Some are saying it was acquired by one political operative of the last regime in the waning days of the administration. Others say otherwise. The name of the operative is causing disquiet.

Maintaining her profile

Word is, the Senate seat was promised and reserved for the 'Returning Resident', who is expected back soon. Story is, the 'Bruised-One' made the request of his successor because of the 'special relationship' he shared with the Returning Resident, and with her coming back to a less-than-welcoming environment, it was thought that a senatorial appointment would help in maintaining her profile and her prospects.

Rewarding abuse?

Some PNP insiders are more than a little peeved with their party leader's 'malice towards none' approach. They say too many of her harshest critics are being rewarded with cushy jobs and high-profile appointments. And they are none too pleased by her embrace of some in the private sector who sought to 'debase' her during their campaign to keep her out of office. They say her approach is tantamount to rewarding abuse.