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Sick of poor Digicel service

Published:Thursday | April 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I HAVE been long prompted to write on the service or the lack thereof being provided by Digicel recently, but had stayed my pen. However, Howard Wynand's Letter of the Day on April 3, has really revived my need to speak out.

I have been plagued with the premature termination of calls for a while now. This means a redialling of the number/s several times during the conversation. Also, I now find that I have to be going on my porch or to the outside of my house to be able to make calls. I am also aware of other persons who are having a similar problem. This has resulted in higher-than-budgeted monthly mobile expenses.

I have been reporting this problem to Digicel since last year and, every time I call, I am being told this is the first time they are getting any complaints from my area. I am being asked to provide numbers of persons who are having similar problems or numbers that I have called that I had to redial. Every time I call Digicel, it's right after an experience and I know they have a record of the calls. There were occasions when I called the very same Digicel and the call got disconnected prematurely, and on every occasion I had to redial Digicel - at no time did the representative call me back. And guess what, every time I called back, it was a different person who, again, was hearing of the problem for the first time.

Tell us the truth

Come on Digicel, be honest with your clients! Have these problems been brought about with the acquisition of the Claro network? Your clients will stick with you if you are open and honest and if you keep them informed of challenges to expect as you grow your network.

We speak out because this is not the service that we have come to expect.

Pat Williams Bignall