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Published:Thursday | April 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Is enough being done to tackle sexual crimes against children in Jamaica? What are your suggestions?

Parents need to be more informed and aware.


They should create a sex offender website for each parish and make an account of children and have monthly reports.


Personally, I believe that those who harm our children with such evil should be treated as murders in the first degree.


How about appointing therapists as well as medical doctors to network, develop programmes and treat victims?


We need more community action. If neighbours stop accepting 'Mr John' down the road being with a 15-year-old, then the fight would have begun.


Start a sex-offenders registry and enforce it. Also, impose job and living limits on convicted sex offenders.


I read an article the other day that was really disturbing. Kids need to be better protected, even from family.


If you know of the abuse and don't report it, then you need to be arrested too.


What do you think of the Government's stewardship of Jamaica so far?

On celebrating the victory of the PNP at the polls, the PM said that the Gov't could now settle down and govern. That suggests that, with everything that was cause for concern, they hadn't settled down to govern. Why? Ask the PNP ... .

Durie Dee

I am optimistic! A lot of unravelling of the chaos from the former government ... I wish they were saying what they found. I'm going to be a critic to this government performance, because the important thing is to make the people of this country's lives better.

Fay Findley

In a partisan country, we know what the partisan answers will be ... Truly a waste-of-time question ... as diehards do what comes naturally.

Inmyown Words

Poor, poor, poor ... but poor Jamaicans like it this way, so thumbs up Portia!

Wayne Masters

What's there for us to grade based on what the PNP-led gov't has done? They have not fulfilled one of their promises! The PM has not been felt since she won! Only Omar Davies and Peter Phillips have been doing all the talking! And that's all they have been doing ... talk! I can't pinpoint one thing they have done since December till now.

G?go?y Grey

Do we have a government?? Who is running the country? The impression I have after three months is that they don't have a CLUE!

Kim Dayle

Again, blame both parties for their contributions in the past up to the present time; for the never-ending hardship the country continues to endure, especially for those who work hard.

-Nadia Taylor

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