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Ex-Claro dealer takes court action to recover losses

Published:Thursday | April 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Dave Lindo, Gleaner Writer

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

A LAWSUIT has been filed against Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited in the Supreme Court by Lettman Greenwood and Co, attorneys- at-law, on behalf of their client, Whitehorn Auto Traders Limited, which had a contractual agreement with the mobile company.

The claim was filed on February 28 by the Manchester-based law firm to recover damages from Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited, which traded under the name Claro in Jamaica, to recover damages on breaches of the said contract.

The lawsuit is pursuant to a letter that the law firm wrote to Oceanic Digital on behalf of their client on January 27, 2012, to which, the firm disclosed, no response was received by their client.

Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited's operations in Jamaica was taken over by Digicel effective March 1, in a swap deal which had Claro's parent company, America Movil, taking control of Digicel's operations in Honduras and El Salvador in exchange for Claro's business in Jamaica.

The move saw Digicel closing down the Claro network and integrating part of it into its own network.

Claro's customers were given the option to switch to the Digicel network.

Big investment

A representative from Whitehorn Auto Traders said they were one of the major Claro dealers in the island. He said his company invested heavily in purchasing showcases for their stores, which they are still paying for.

"We have handsets, which are now obsolete, hundreds of thousands of sim cards, modems; we were paying rent for locations for over six months," the representative said.

"We got communications through emails asking that whatever was going to happen, (with Claro's operation in Jamaica) that we were to continue doing business. In doing, this there were bills, rents on location for over six months, and other expenses. Plus staffs that were working for us, they being redundant, they need that money."