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Noise pollution and Devon House

Published:Saturday | April 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM


THIS IS by way of an open letter to those who know that they are perpetrating or letting others perpetrate a great crime against other human beings who are trying to get some peace and quiet in their lives, but find themselves weaponless - except for the pen - while facing a formidable and growing monster - NOISE.

I need not go into detail regarding the noise level in shopping plazas. Those who are creating the mayhem compete with each other to be the loudest, supposedly to attract customers. It only makes me hurry up and get out of there, often prematurely and without some item I would have purchased. Even inside some of the stores, the level of the music being played is intolerable and distracting.

A friend of mine from abroad will not hurry to come back here because she stayed in Ocho Rios and was unable to sleep for two successive nights due to the ghastly and unbelievable level at which the sound systems were booming and screaming along all night. What a terrible disgrace! Where is the control? Where is the law?

Burgeoning disgrace

My family and I happen to live near the now infamously loud Devon House, which years ago was a nice quiet place to visit, eat, and relax, both for the locals and our valued tourists. Now, it is a total and utter burgeoning disgrace, with no apparent control whatsoever over the ridiculously noisy events or the local population - the patrons who go there en masse to enjoy themselves.

Last Saturday night, after my household had called the police several times, the horribly loud 'session' came to a close at 3.30 a.m. on Sunday. As the hundreds of patrons left in their drunken, screaming, motor-revving, car-stereos-booming, car-alarm-wailing droves, I stood by my window, shaking with exhaustion - and with deep bitterness and sadness in my heart, for the ineffective laws of this country and the absence of compassion or sensitivity in our, especially young, people. I will certainly now have to seek assistance, to see if anything can be changed to bring some peace into our lives in our home, through legal means.

Which management will care enough or have the social will and conscience to make a move against the tide, to stop this madness?