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The ghost of Rose Hall Great House

Published:Saturday | April 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Rose Hall Great House

WESTERN BUREAU: Residents are not sure if there is any religious connotation to the name of their community, but everyone beams with pride at the mention of the Mount Zion United Church, which sits on the hill in the centre of the district.

Built in 1838, in the days when sugar was king and most of the area was dominated by cane fields, legend has it that the infamous Annie Palmer contributed the bricks and had her slaves travel some eight miles carrying the material to build the place of worship.

Palmer owned a 6,521-acre plantation - Rose Hall Great House - with more than 2,000 slaves. Stories speak of Palmer's notoriety - it was said that she indulged in witchcraft, taking slaves as lovers. To this day, many believe that she played a role in the death of three or four husbands before she met a similar fate.

Some believe that the great house is still haunted by Palmer's ghost.