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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | April 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Poem of the week

Life's journey

The never-ending stairs

We climb

Each day

A step taken

Seems further away

Moving up

Feels the same


We press on

With hope

That in the end

We will taste the victory

Feel the victory

That sweet victory

Of accomplishment

- Theresa Peters

Broken link

I promised you I'd always try to do the best I can

Sometimes I falter and that was not my plan

I ask that you forgive, please, see the good in me

Help me restore our broken link just listen to my plea

I know you're sometimes bitter disappointed and withdrawn

Come on! Come on! Let's talk it out before another dawn

How unhealthy it must be for us to live this way

Knowing very well tomorrow we may never see the day

The time is now to make amends let's bury pain and sadness

Our hearts are yearning to be filled with all the joy and gladness

So take my hand, let's make a start, I'm hungry for this too

Thank you! Thank you! You see this page? I hope you do

It's new!

- Ferne Brown

This star

The light is now shining in the darkest place

The star has risen above the human race

It has risen in our hearts and shines so bright

Dispelling the darkness and chasing the night

All the prophets have spoken on this last day

and we should pay attention to what they say

The time has come and the scriptures are fulfilled

all thing have come to pass just as God had willed

At the equator I provide the most heat

After 12 hours I find my resting seat

composed with elements hydrogen and helium

Like a cut diamond radiating, this is fun

I can see you many miles away from afar

Of whom do I speak?

The day star

- Kram T- Narg

Loving a strong woman

Romantically and patiently

Take the time to make love to her mind

Fulfil all of her midnight wishes

Cover her entire body with soft wet kisses

Passionately and sincerely

Let her sweetness become your weakness

Do not use just your hands

Include your ear

Listen to the sweet sound of her moans

and take in what you hear

Lovingly and completely

Love her until her screams of passion are all that you hear

Her you will remand

Let her sexual wishes

become your loving commands

There's only one true way to start

Just simply give her your heart

- Mark G.

Disaster brooding

Dis is true


a flicker of light we could not see

the Earth shook

and the roof rattled

everything could have been swept way

it was a tremor, round about 8:48 p.m.

on the eve of December 6, 2010

a year after the beating

December 6, day against violence against women

de Montreal Massacre

anniversary reminder, that a tiny quake

is a wake-up call

to a more brooding disaster!

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson


Stressed from all angles

Can't figure out how to get untangled

Life lately has been one big mess

Strangely though, it's hard to confess

The secret to success is so far hidden

And the hole for escape is strictly forbidden

Wondering if this curse can be broken

Something I've heard so often spoken

Is this really a phase we all have to face?

Because it feels like forever I'm stuck at this place

How I wish life could be different

Smooth, happy and very sufficient

Today, I assure you, I'll cry my last teardrop

Cause this madness around me will have to stop

- Charlene Harris

Blue skies

I want to feel at peace

After the storm

I want to relax

And feel at ease

Be calm

Feel loved and appreciated

I just want to feel

Taste a sweet side of life

Not just dream of it

But hold and conceive it

As if it were new birth

I want to breathe it

Like new fresh air

After all

I have been through

Sadness and pain

I just want a new start

A clean slate

Just once

To feel happy

Joy in my heart

And have a wide smile

And when people see me

They will know

That finally

I have seen

Blue skies

- Anna Chavell Stewart

The journey

Every day is a journey, and that journey itself is home

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same

Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination

Success not a place where one arrives

But rather the spirit you undertake and continue the journey

You meet a lot of helpful people while on a journey

It is truly said miles are best measured in friends

When you have completed 95 per cent of the journey, you are only halfway there

Focus on the journey, not the destination

Joy is not found finishing an activity, but doing it

It is good to have an end to the journey, but it's the journey that matters in the end

- Grace Reynolds