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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | April 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The silent one

I admire her ways

I adore her face

She rarely talks to anyone

She's confined to her own space

Time and time

She walks by this place

With her head held straight

She walks a moderate pace

Taciturn by nature

She's one beautiful creature

One of few words

I dream to meet her

But admire from afar

Her sweet demeanour

This is all I do


By her uncommunicative ways

I wish she would just

Come to me one day

Exchange a word or two

For I know she won't say much

But a few

One of few words

The silent one

Is what I call you

- Theresa Peters

Sleep interrupted

Barking dogs

Whispers from outside

A shuffle inside

Pierces the stillness of the morn

Here we go again

It has become more frequent

Something must be done

What can be done?

What is the attraction?

Rims next door

Car rims for sure

Opportunity for some bum!

Black, young, strong men

No intent to work

Pilfering what they can

Youths at risk

Unattached youths

Probably school drop-outs

Here they come again

Barking dogs

Whispers from outside

Shuffle inside

Here they come again

Sleep interrupted

-Wayne Campbell

Poetry is my religion

My poetry emanates from

The supreme being


Poetic ink flows through my Veins

And my heart is wrapped

Like letters

That have been written


Poetry is like a compass

That a pirate uses

To find his treasure

Poetry makes me yearn

And reach for the highest

Altitude of my potential

I serve poetry

And poetry serves me well

I ask the master to teach me

The student to write

Poems as if they were Psalms and Proverbs

Poetry propels me like wind

To fly over oceans and seas

Far distances

Leaving my mark

To show I existed

I have so much

I want to give

So much greatness thrust upon me

That I beam even

In the midday sun

- Christena Williams

My dream

My desire is to feel your heartbeat

Your overshadowing nearness that brings comfort

That kind of closeness that makes intimacy worthwhile

I want you in me and me in you

I need that kind of depth that the deepest ocean cannot match

Connection that confuses and distracts

One that others yearn for

I want to be near you always

The oneness that can only come when one is now in the other fully

So others see only one

I want that one to be you

I deserve no recognition

I want it to be you and you alone

By myself - individuality is foolish

I want you to be seen in me


The announcement


As we announce

Fifty years of self-sufficiency

Simultaneously we must pronounce

Incompatible, the union

Our national dish!

Sumptuous saltfish

Refuse to co-exist with ackee

His longstanding mistress


It is on that ground

We established

The decree nisi

But fellow Jamaicans

The time has come

To free ackee


Jamaicans, you must understand

Poor ackee cannot continue

To attract luxury salt fish

Though ackee still has the desire

It will require

The cooperation

Of her estranged lover

Ackee, I know how hard you try

To sustain the national dish

I know you can't help it

When you go mingle

With corned pork

Mackerel and chicken

For deep within

Is the yearning

For the day

You and salt fish

Can truly fix


What a quandary!

Hope she don't lose identity

After that rich history

Ackee now chasing chicken

But they have wings

And salt mackerel

And corned pork

A nuh everybady sinting!

- Marcia Steele-Woodham

It's my fault

It's my fault why we're apart

It's my fault why we're sad

It's my fault we don't do the things we used to do anymore

It's my fault why we're not glad

I didn't know what the effects of my actions would be

but now I'm terribly sorry because you're not with me

It's my fault why we're sad and I'm sorry about that

It's my fault why we're not glad and I'm not happy about that

So I apologise because it's my fault

- Marshalee Montique


A tranquil place one must find

To sit quietly and let the past rewind

The clock ticks on, thoughts and memories keep running by

Memories so precious of the good old times

A deep breath traps everything inside

Never to be released

There has just been a suicide

- Shanice Thomas

Easter praise

Eternal emerald


Supernatural spirit

Terrific and true

Everlasting escort

Redeemer rare

- Colleen Thompson

Misery of heartbreak

This heartbreak is driving me nuts

I don't want to be here

I want to be where I am comfortable

Which would be where you are

I am hurting, my heart is aching

I am apprehensive

I am nauseous

When I think of what was, it drives to crazy thoughts

I want to stop the hurt but I just don't know how

I want to run away and erase the past

Because that would take me back to a point before I was in love with you

To a point where you were just another person and friend

But instead I am stuck here with my heart doing somersaults

While I literally feel pain within and butterflies in my stomach

Teach me how to forget

Show me how to erase the pain

Because heartbreaks are no fun

- Marion Maragh