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Hats that raise the bar!

Published:Monday | April 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM
This umbrella saucer hat is complete with handmade petals.
This apple green hat is for the woman who wants her church sisters to take one look and say ... AMEN!
Maria Ashman wears one of Lakeem's signature designs, Lakeem's famous fan, in red, black and white and crafted from jinsin.
Maria wears a fascinator made from horse hair, handmade and stripped toque feathers.
Bold colours. Faithlyn Johnson wears a unique royal blue, apple green and fuschia creation.
Carlene Leslie in brown, grey and pink loops which is a perfect fit for her personality.
Shout your fearless style in this number. - photos by Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
Absolutely fabulous.
This turquoise Swiss braid hat is a bold piece.
Red brilliance: Maria wears a jinsin and sinamay hat with a bold bow.

Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter

Kahyee Mullings loves fashion and gets to express that love through the hats she crafts and designs.

"I love high fashion and I love to wear my hats and my shoes," said Mullings, general manager of Lakeem Hats in Kingston.

Mullings says since her denomination does not allow trappings such as make-up, earrings, and processed hair, she and women like her, get to express their fashion sense through suits, their shoes and, of course, their hats.

The young businesswoman discovered her love and talent as a milliner when she was at a low point in her life. After being involved in a car accident and, subsequently, being physically ill and unemployed for a couple of years, Mullings started selling hats she had sourced online to other women. A friend encouraged her to take it a step further and try making hats herself and that friend would give her the push she needed to pursue a passion.

The auditor by profession acquired her business Lakeem Hats, formerly Chapeaux, approximately a year ago. They sell wholesale, retail and custom-made hats.

"We take pride in doing custom-made hats," said Mullings who explained that in order to match customers' outfits and hats, they can dye the materials for the hat.

"We're also really good at dying," she said. Customers will bring in their outfits for her to create a matching hat, a picture from a magazine, or she will just create one based on her inspiration.

"It's all about fitting a customer and what she likes."

With the assistance of five employees they create a variety of hats to delight their customers.

Models: Faithlyn Johnson, Carlene Leslie and Maria Ashman

Lakeem Hats, 12 Slipe Road Kingston 5

922-2691, 890-9630

Facebook - lakeemhats

Email: lakeemhats@gmail.com.