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LETTER OF THE DAY - Save our children now!

Published:Monday | April 9, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Re: Child abuse BOMB in Jamaica

FOR more than 19 years I have been crying out in the wilderness, like John the Baptist, asking the authorities to do more for our children. "Oh no, who is she?" they asked. I was cursed, threatened and insulted by persons in charge of care and protection, on the pretext that they held the sole responsibility for decision making.

I begged community members to call me, after which I would make a report to the authorities. A few children were investigated and nothing more was done. To this day, there are child molesters who were never arrested, nor even questioned. Some of those children, still in their teens, are now parents with two to three children and no father to support them.

My interest in children started big time in 1998 when I heard what sounded like a baby arguing at my gate with another baby for her pmoney. Upon investigating, I saw two tiny girls, ages eight and nine years old, so innocent. I called them and asked what the quarrelling was all about? The youngest responded by saying they had sex with a man across the road and he gave them $5 for both of them. I took these girls in my home and called the relevant agencies. The party who identified himself as being in charge, told me I should put back the girls on the street as I can be charged for kidnapping. I told him to come early Monday and I would get the media to witness their removal.

infected with AIDS

He never showed up. I kept the girls for a while, found their parents and assisted with school uniform, books, food and then an income-generating activity to help their children. I found out that the younger was already infected with AIDS.

I am still assisting other children. I will still take them in until the authorities come for me, but I have to save our children even if nobody else will. This is nothing new but I am glad somebody else brought it to light, and I hope the Government will borrow money from some international organisation to build prisons for sex offenders, and mothers who know what is happening and turn their back instead of finding work and or getting assistance to support their children.

With regards to a sex offender registry, I hope this is put in place soon enough, as well as legislation for those who might want to become a vigilante to sex offenders.

Gloria Meredith, JP

Montego Bay