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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | April 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Senior targets 16-year-olds

1 Smart mothers are keeping their 16-year-olds under lock and key to ensure they escape the clutches of the senior citizen who has become renowned for trolling bus stops in the Corporate Area in search of prospects. As it turns out, the offender is a very influential member of society. He begins his quest by offering rides to schoolgirls, then he delivers gifts such as cellphones and money before inviting them to his lair in the estate. Some believe it won't be too long before he is exposed.

  • High-profile end coming

2 Bets are on that a high-profile resignation could materialise before the summer begins. Despite public utterances, some wounds appear to be deeper than perceived. The reality is that big title means little when there is latent bad blood, so the support that is needed will not be forthcoming. After all, who wants a spoiler to look good?

  • Professor's next stop

3 The professor who does far more talking and wheeling and dealing than teaching is reported to be eyeing an important job in academia. However, he may find that he is up against some very strong contenders who possess far greater likability than he does.

  • Gardening time!

4 It's spring and the amateur gardeners are out in their numbers. And some of them have raised the all-important question of who monitors flower shops and garden outlets to ensure that consumers get a fair deal. If a plant dies within a few days of purchase, what redress is there for the consumer? Is the Fair Trading Commission really interested in how consumers are treated? It is high time that the Consumer Affairs Commission include horticulture among the sectors that it monitors.

  • Non-stop drinking!

5 The bar may be closed for ordinary people, but liquor could flow non-stop depending on how important you are. Persons attending a recent function that attracted a number of A-listers raised eyebrows when the hapless waiter informed them that the bar was closed. However, moments later, service was provided to a VIP who requested a drink. It's no fault of the person really, it is the operator of the bar who should be spanked.