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Public apology needed from Lime

Published:Wednesday | April 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I WRITE To express my utter disappointment with Lime for signing Potential Kid to be part of their campaign - a campaign that involves our attention. This action has become even more profound to me with the recent announcement of the number of child abuse in Jamaica.

It is time that Lime start to understand the seriousness of the messages that some of our artistes have in their songs. And it is certainly not enough, or even acceptable, that you go back on your decision after public outcry. What this shows is your lack of research.

Very unaware

I am not a teenager or an adolescent, nor am I even someone who is up to speed on the latest dancehall/reggae lyrics, and yet I knew that those are not lyrics that I would want to hear any of my grandchildren repeating. In fact, it is very hard to conceive that for a brand that boasts so many young people as your staff members you are so detached from these kinds of lyrics. One, therefore, wonders, who makes the decisions in Lime?

You are operating on a very tight string with Jamaica because, for older folks like me, we are barely over your abuse of your monopolistic power for so many years, so I would suggest that you tread very carefully.

I am sure that I join many other Jamaicans in asking that Lime, therefore, make a public apology to the people of this nation for such a blatant irresponsible decision.

Very concerned