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Online feedback

Published:Wednesday | April 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are comments from readers on www.jamaica-gleaner.com in response to yesterday's lead story: 'Ready to take on school sex - Thwaites vows to tackle inappropriate behaviour at all-girls institutions'.

Fix co-ed schools too

So, he doesn't plan to address sex in co-ed schools? This is just as rampant. People just don't make a big a deal but it is far more frequent than the homosexual acts in the single-sex schools, both girls and boy!

- Mouse

Punishment necessary

Sounds like RAPE to me, discard the euphemism! You can't have discipline without punishment. The authorities should act by introducing jail time, police record, and exposing the culprit(s) to the media, etc.

- Jovan Naphtali

Child abuse

Are you aware that these acts are in many cases forced upon minors and it is considered child abuse?

- Fairness

Respect rules

The institution dubbed 'education' must and should have rules and regulations like every other institution across the board. When students go to school they must and should respect themselves and others. No 'bullyism', no inappropriate behaviour, no sexual predators or behaviour, no inappropriate dressing, no inappropriate language, no devices that will promote such behaviour in schools. Respect your teachers, school administrators, staff and other students and support systems of your school. Respect your classroom and the school environment in general, in which you get an education every day.

- Jacqueline

No confidence in Thwaites

I hope something is done, but I have no confidence in Thwaites.

- Talpie

Step down, Thwaites

Please step down, Mr Thwaites, before the new school year, give our children a chance and allow a person with a connection to this era to oversee the schools. You did not grow up with technology and have no idea about the global market.

- Guest

Double standard

When boys touch girls the police haul them off in handcuffs. When girls touch girls they need counselling.

- Guest