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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | April 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Who's behind the dummy?

1. They say it's a case of barefacedness as the one now doling out advice should be made busy retaining legal counsel to answer for the alleged irregularities that took place under her watch. These allegations include that of being a shareholder in the dummy company that was set up by her cronies and used as a front to bilk Government out of millions of dollars in phony contracts and other scams perpetrated through phony contracts and contractors.

Rushed appointments aplenty

2. Eyebrows are only now being raised over the number of appointments that were made to key posts just before and after the December elections. Story is some were so rushed there was not enough time for the boards to ratify them. Some say, however, that has not been enough to prevent the appointees from seeking to enforce non-existent contracts, backed by threats of lawsuits in order to extort more money from the Jamaican taxpayer!

Fire clause fuss

3. After news leaked that a fire almost engulfed the historic Kingston landmark, calls are being made that would see changes to the covenants governing the type of businesses to be operated in such properties. One such clause would include, 'No open flames' or 'fires'. The problem is however, the new clause is being objected to and lobbied against by those with vested interest.

Go or else ...!

4. Stories are circulating that some would-be-donors to the JLP have identified at least 15 of its current high-profile line-up who they would like to see gone, if they are to continue funding the party!

Indictments coming!

5. Some are saying if ever the Jamaican saying: 'Chicken Merry, Hawk is Near' was appropriate, it's now, as while busy crowing, indictments are being readied, and will be executed soon.

Service station scammers

6. Word is the lotto scammers have now diversified their business interests and they are now targeting service stations selling electronic phone cards and fleecing them of millions. Word is the latest service station targeted lost over quarter-million dollars in phone credit in just under a two-hour period.

Failing state agencies

7. Observers say that the state agencies charged with policing state homes, housing wards of the state have been failing miserably, as stories of physical, sexual and psychological abuse are rampant in these homes with no 'recompense' for the abused and no sanctions for the abuser.