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Do some studies, Ms Grange

Published:Thursday | April 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM


JAMAICANS ARE the most biased people on the face of the earth; no wonder our politics are so nasty and passionate.

For years, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller was not seen as a learned woman, yet up to last year I heard some tomfoolery coming from some leaders that could only be uttered by unlearned persons.

Now, consider Olivia Grange's performance as minister of sports. Mr Chris Gayle was unfairly treated by the West Indies Cricket Board and over all that time Ms Grange sat there in her position as sports minister and did not one thing. As a matter of fact, I know nothing in that portfolio in which she distinguished herself in the four years she held the ministry.

Tackling the issue

A month after PM Portia assumed the role of sports minister she tackled successfully the controversy surrounding Mr Gayle's expulsion; this was done with efficiency and aplomb.

What I would suggest to Ms Grange is that she push pride aside and do some studies, because her speech reminds me of an aunt I had who visited England for six weeks and returned with an indistinguishable accent badly pitted with poor grammar.

J.M. Fletcher

Irish Town