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Not happy with Digicel service

Published:Thursday | April 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I HAVE been delaying to express my concern about Digicel's data service for a while now. However, I have been motivated to voice my concerns after my series of disappointment, especially at the Smirnoff Beach J'Ouvert held last Saturday in Oracabessa, St Mary.

Over the last two months I have been having mishaps with the network, and after making several complaints I expected the problem to have been rectified. However, it is evident that their BlackBerry customer base is having the exact problems as I am continuously experiencing. I have been a loyal Digicel customer ever since their existence, but I am considering to switch to a more reliable and efficient network if I continue to have these problems.

Customer service

I tried contacting customer care for assistance and they had me on hold for 15 minutes. when a representative finally responded she requested my name and number and suggested that I waited 24 hours and try again; the same remedy for every problem. That is not acceptable at all. What is the purpose of having customer care if they are not competent enough to assist the customers? is it that you need a specially trained staff for that particular area?

Digicel claims to have a "bigger, better network" but they refuse to live by their words. I was deprived of Internet service for about three hours or more, and the process of recovery took longer than I expected, resulting in disaster for me.

Cut off

I was cut off from the rest of society, I had no means of communication. I had to put myself out of the way by withdrawing myself from the party to make a quick call in order to keep contact, while my friends who are connected to the other network enjoyed the freedom of their service all night without any form of complications.

I was unable to enjoy the festivity that I have been anticipating for months, as I had to be constantly leaving the party to send and receive calls. Digicel need to step up their game and stop punishing their consumers; it is unacceptable. We do have a choice and we will eventually take the decision to move up if you continue to let us down.

Displeased Customer