Sun | Jun 20, 2021

Give valuable gifts

Published:Thursday | April 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM

HELLO MI neighbour! Wanna have a great day? Give something away! Not just any old thing, though. It must be valuable to you and possesses the potential to add value to someone else - the direct recipient.

You cannot go wrong with food for the hungry, clothing for the naked, shelter for the homeless or a little cash for the unemployed. Timing is critical. The man who is about to take his last breath as a result of starvation may not appreciate a dish of rice and peas and fish - too late. The unfortunate comment - "if only I knew".

Don't wait. Take the initiative. Follow those inner promptings to reach out to those persons along your path. Some of them might have just fallen on hard times and feel a little funny asking for help - don't want to be a bother or be seen as a beggar.

Neighbours will tell of the many times they followed their urge to give an item or a word of encouragement to even total strangers, and ended up meeting a dire need. If we push aside the "what if they don't need it?" or the "what if they insult me?" concerns from our minds, we could save lives. Just be sensitive and sensible as you act on your nudges. There are superb benefits to be derived from the experience.

Tears of joy

Much of the satisfaction we receive from giving to others lies in their appreciation, which often can only find expression in a tear. The Kingston 12 neighbour who came to collect food items a few days ago was so full of gratitude that, for a moment, she uttered not a single word. Her stare and tears said it all. Such a measure of generosity was foreign to her. Our sense of satisfaction was beyond words. Thanks to our foreign neighbours, Sisters Audrey, Harvey and Diana, whose generosity made the whole thing possible - of course God played a part, lest we forget.

Watching the news item over the weekend about the gentleman from St Elizabeth (I think), treating the homeless with Easter bun and cheese was quite pleasing. He is not a wealthy person, and he owed them no special favour. Their qualification to become beneficiaries of his generosity was their need. Expressions of appreciation on their faces were no match for the donor's smile of satisfaction. He could hardly contain his excitement at being able to share in this way with the needy.

That experience was not one which sent this gentleman smiling to the bank. As a matter of fact, the cost of the treat could have had the opposite effect. But because he sacrificed so much, he got a level of satisfaction which money could not purchase. So, like I said, if you truly want to have a great day, give something away - something of value that others can appreciate. And how about starting with the opportunities provided in this column today?