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Family values take focus of Adventist women's ministry

Published:Friday | April 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Gareth Davis, Gleaner Writer

It was a happy occasion for members of the Boundbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church Women Ministry Department, which hosted an Easter Monday dinner on the church grounds.

The dinner also allowed senior members of the women's group, including Norma Paisley, Althea Loban, Millicent Dodd, and Winsome Thompson to educate younger persons about how to set a table, presentation, good table manners and etiquette.

Family oriented setting

"The idea was just to have a good time in fellowship, "said Loban, who is also first elder at the church.

"Ladies were dressed in their evening wear and, of course, not be outdone, were the husbands, who turned out in their numbers to partner with their wives. Occasions like this one allow us to share creative ideas, as it relates to a family oriented setting, especially at the dining table," added Loban.

Approximately 40 women attended the dinner, accompanied by their spouses, along with their district pastor, Thomas White, and his wife.

White, who is well known in adventist circles as being a no-nonsense but charismatic pastor, lauded the women for coming up with the idea of a dinner, which he said he believed would go a far way in enhancing family life in the home, especially among newlyweds.

"I am proud of this group," he said. "These women are indeed making a difference at this church, and they are an active bunch. They are very proactive and, year after year, they have undertaken many projects as it relates to church building and community development, and I wish for them continued success in their endeavours."

The group dined on a variety of sumptuous meals including rice and peas, baked chicken, fried fish, pasta salad, vegetable, ice cream, cake and non-alcoholic beverages.

The group also staged a makeshift concert following the dinner, which saw persons singing, mimicking others and doing skits.

'Occasions like this one allow us to share creative ideas as it relates to a family oriented setting, especially at the dining table''