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LETTER OF THE DAY - Flagging pride

Published:Friday | April 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM


How could the organisers of the swearing-in ceremony for the councillors of St James get it so wrong!

Have we run out of green in the linen and cloth stores? Are companies like Ping's Fabrics out of business. Could not the much-talked-about JEEP provide funds to purchase some green cloth so someone could decorate the place?

What happened was a national disgrace that should not be repeated. We have become so uncivil and we accuse so much, and often when put to scrutiny, a lot of the accusations and horrible things being said and done are a complete waste of time.

The organisers of this event must have known what they were up to. They must have known that the situation would be horrible, for some. That 'some' I am referring to would, of course, be the few JLP councillors who survived the orange tsunami on March 26. One must ask why?

What was it that the JLP councillors did that was so wicked, and what was it that the Labour Party did that was so satanic that led to the level of disgusting, low-class pettiness that was observed at that swearing-in ceremony? Was it that they wanted to send a message that Jamaica is PNP country?

150,000 strong can be wrong

If so, they have not learned from history. It was Michael Manley who said, "One hundred and fifty thousand strong can't be wrong." A mistake that Andrew Holness made in a different way!

In any event, that classlessness displayed by those folks should be not only condemned verbally, but a course of action be taken against those who are so disrespectful of our nationhood, that they would leave out a colour of our flag, for the sake of petty politics!

Oh, my! I hope this does not signal a beginning of nightmares, Portia Simpson Miller.

On a lighter note, Sam Sharpe Square, where Manley made the comments, could not hold 150,000 people!