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After poor service, Digicel back on track

Published:Saturday | April 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


On Thursday, April 5, I wrote a letter titled 'Sick of poor Digicel service', where I outlined my frustrations and dissatisfaction with the service being provided to me by Digicel. This letter has borne much fruit, and I must say the response from Digicel has been heart-warming and in most instances beyond my expectations.

I must openly thank the team at Digicel - from the CEO, Mark Linehan, to all the persons who not only answered my call for help but instituted measures to eradicate or minimise the problems I spoke about.

Paul Henlon, head of network development and roll-out, sent me an email very early in the morning, then communicated with me via phone. Mr Henlon not only sought to understand my issues but also immediately escalated the matter to the point of sending RF engineer, Bjorn Reynolds, who diagnosed the problem and sent an email assuring me that all issues raised will be investigated and corrected within the shortest possible time.

Debbie-Ann Cheddan, the customer service manager; Felice Mah-Leung, from the Corporate Service Unit, and the BlackBerry team of Messrs Priestly and Graham all dealt with my issues with professionalism and empathy.

While I appreciate that all my issues cannot be resolved now, the team has certainly dealt with those that could be, and I feel assured of the company's commitment to deal with the others on a timely basis.

Thank you, Digicel. You have always pride yourself in delivering a high level of service to your clients and you have demonstrated unequivocally over the past couple days that your mantra is still to provide exceptional service to your clients - not sometimes but at all times.