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Digicel taking the right STEP

Published:Saturday | April 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Digicel Jamaica CEO Mark Linehan.


As an independent school serving children with severe multiple disabilities, The STEP Centre has always faced major financial challenges to sustain and develop our work. Through our greeting card business, we have been able to purchase land on which to build a new school and resource centre.

We realised, however, that it would be impossible to build without considerable assistance. In an effort to fulfil our dream, we approached The Digicel Foundation for help with construction costs.

We would like to publicly thank The Digicel Foundation for agreeing to fund our building. By doing so, the foundation has shown their commitment and belief that our most vulnerable children are worthy of an appropriate education in a functional and safe setting.

This project is a heart-warming example of collaboration between the Government of Jamaica (which provides the school with a small subvention and gives oversight and training for our staff), the corporate sector and the private sector. All professional services have been donated, led by architect Douglas Stiebel, quantity surveyor Richard Pouchet, electrical engineer Basil Dixon and engineer David Goldson. Many other individuals, companies and associations are supporting our efforts.

The Digicel Foundation is sensitive to our ongoing needs as they seek to work with us to ensure that in our new setting, we continue to provide a programme of the highest standard. The work of the foundation throughout the education community, in particular their attention to special education, is to be acknowledged and commended.

In a time when our country faces many challenges, services to the most vulnerable in our society are inadequate surely. Our experience at The STEP Centre is an example of a way forward.



The STEP Centre

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