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Let children discover gifts

Published:Saturday | April 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Our youths, like other humans, are blessed with talent. Some of them are artistically, kinaesthetically, musically, and dramatically inclined.

Unfortunately, some parents and teachers stifle our children's abilities by choosing career lines for them. For example, many parents want their children to be doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lawyers, and engineers, instead of athletes, dancers or musicians. Such parents do not consider their children's flair and predilection for dance, music, sports because they see such as pastime activities.

In the primary and secondary levels of education, teachers elevate English and mathematics at the expense of music, dance, drama and sports. I admit that English and maths are important, but they should not detract from the importance of other areas.

While not belittling academics/ intellectuals, I make bold to say that many of the world's great individuals are not intellectuals, e.g., Usain Bolt, Bob Marley, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Venus and Serena Williams, etc. Yes, some of them may have acquired college/university education but it was their talents, not their academic achievements, that placed them on the international pedestal.

In closing, I suggest that parents, guardians and teachers ascertain their children's talents/gifts, and help them develop such.

Additionally, an alternative exam to the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate should be set for the youths who are talented but are not academically brilliant. This exam may be called Caribbean Practical Skills Exam.



Claremont, St Ann