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Spreading the scarce benefits

Published:Saturday | April 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The cry from one end of the island to the other is increasing in crescendo: Jobs, jobs and more jobs. This cry has to be addressed, and soon. What with the talk that Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme may not fulfil all previously held expectations, alternative sources of funding need to be found.

I wish to offer one source which can readily be examined.

The vast majority of buildings, commercial and residential, in all the parish capitals are in desperate need of repainting. Ways could be found to encourage and facilitate owners to repaint their buildings.

The effect of this experiment would be threefold:

(i) It could employ a large percentage of our unskilled workforce under an apprenticeship model;

(ii) The owners, where able, would be using their own money, thereby making their own contribution to the common good, and those who are not could be assisted with soft loans, thereby relieving that pressure off Government; and

(iii) The final effect would be to improve the value of the respective properties, while transforming the aesthetic grandeur of the entire island.

In this way, the business sector of the island would lead the way in responding to the prime minister's call for every Jamaican to play his or her part in transforming Jamaica.

Finally, in an effort to extend this avenue of opportunity of employment to as many as possible, initially each recruit would be employed for alternate weeks, thereby spreading the scarce benefits.

Labour Day this year would be a perfect opportunity for launching such a project.


Duke Street, Kingston