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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Dark clouds

They are as heavy as my heart

As overwhelmed as my thoughts

As dark as this time

Every passing moment seems to be

Absorbed in the gloom of time

The mind, constantly taunted by

The fiasco of a passed day

At times an attempt is made

To dream upon a better day

To relinquish this pain

And to recover

Self again

But a dark and melancholic day

Remarks an attempt failed

When will time submerge this stain?

Liberate me from this lingering feeling of disdain

I am inconsolable

Plagued by a repetitive tale

Of how I failed

When will these dark clouds release these tears?

The burden that colours the outside dark grey

And spirals fear to try again

Albeit, my dark clouds mirror my shame

Indeed, I shall not be forever stained

Someday this burden will fade away

To unveil a brighter day

And the sky will

Bring hope anew

Time shall be transformed and each day

Shall be renewed

To mark the start of something new

- Alecia Higgins

Silent cries

At nights she cries

In the dark

She lies

Without hope

Suicidal thoughts arise

She thinks it easier

If she dies

Not knowing

That to someone

She's a prize

Valued greatly



All she feels

Is discontented

And alone

Silently she cries

Wishing she could tell someone

Her ordeals

Giving up

Is what she feels is


No longer can she fight

This plight

Let go she must

For there's no one she can tell

No one she can trust

- Theresa Peters


The glow from

The lighthouse is fading

As I watch you

Examining your eyelids


Eyeing the moon that

Stretches her hands

Calling you to the


You must go back to

Still, the morning

Is allowed to

Unfold her hands

To catch us here

Far from the

Monotony of things

- Annorea M. Williams


In another place and another time

A key turning in the lock was a fearsome sound

Heralding the end of a peaceful day

The beginning of war, verbal psychological

A chipping away of every remnant of love

I sometimes wonder why misery was your comfort

Unhappiness your joy

Fear and loathing a balm

I sincerely hope you have been transformed

on the other side

and are finally at peace in your eternal dreams

- Pauline Graham Binder