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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

I worship you

I fell prostrate before the potentate of time

Acknowledging my nothingness before his presence divine

Wrapped in his awesomeness

and this moment so sublime

I am taken to heavenly places, in the chariot of my mind

His sweet anointing flows like an oasis in the dessert

Alleviating all my heartaches and struggles of this earth

With my mind elevated to another time and space

In my blurry, sinful vision

I could almost see his face

In the hush of the moment

I prayerfully sing

And he gave me the assurance

I am covered by his wings

I cannot explain the feeling

Of the joy that floods my soul

But like Jacob I seek my blessing, to the end I will lay hold

I worship you, my Jesus, I praise you with every breath

And in this solemn moment, your love is stronger than death

With all heaven I am singing to the one I adore

Lord, you alone are worthy

I worship you forevermore

- Marlon Whyte

Sartre's world

I too have read the first few pages

of that book, but can't seem to get beyond

those laborious words

And yet, I've always known his theory:

Being for others

Situated further in that tedious text

'We loathe what we see

of ourselves in others'

It says

exposing a truth

And for that reason

I've hated his world

Seeing its nature in me

- Nicholas Alexander

Poetry and the reason

Brewing a good poem takes skill and time

Doesn't matured whiskey taste better

On the rocks or with a hint of lime?

Also a love matured is sweeter

Poetry is not about using fancy words

Because it may lead to many roads

Though one might employ one or two

Persons often mistake poetry for the canvas

But it is not, it is the journey

The clay being shaped into a vase

The process of making the honey

But some are in it for only one reason


- Mark G

Who am I?

The trees and the sky ask me

Who am I?

The stars and the oceans ask me

Who am I?

The sand-drowned pebbles question my identity

The flight overhead wonders who watches below

The flushing meadows guess at the footsteps trampling their grass and ask

Who am I?

The sun rays tell me at daybreak and

The moon calls to me at nightfall

And the drops of pattering raindrops show me

Who I am

I am small, I am me



Someone small

But apart of something huge

This majestic world

- Carlton Platt


We are all so special, with a capital S

And we don't even know it till we're put to the test

Life can be very difficult at times

Especially when you haven't a dime

But at least we have family or friends who care

Someone we hold in our hearts very dear

We have hands, not to mention feet

So don't be dismayed if you lost some teeth

Many of us hate how we look

We want to be like those in the books

We are so unappreciative of our skin colour

That even pills we are willing to swallow

Remember we are all unique each in our own special way

So don't listen to the negative things people have to say

How many of us could have died yesterday?

And we're blessed to escape what could have been our last day

The mere fact we are born makes us special

So many lives have been terminated without given a chance!

It's time to stop thinking about

What you don't have

What you will never have

And who you will never be

And be content with what you have

- Charlene Harris