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Poetry 3

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Love hurts me

You say often

That you love me

You chant it

You mutter it

You whisper it

You sing it

But your love hurts me

When you curse me

You say you cherish me

That you treasure

The feelings we share

But you nag me

You verbally abuse my fragile soul

This love of yours hurts me

I try so much to make life

Better and easier for both of us

But receive no appreciation from you

I take it that you simply

Have a hurtful love for me

- Ugochukwu Durueke

Love's hermit

Show me a place where no misery lives

Take me to a place where I can give, and give

All one hundred per cent of me

I must be at the place I want to be

The place I want you to take me

To tremble in your arms with passion

When you love me completely and experience the fusion

Of mind, body, soul and spirit

That's it

That very alluring pleasure I long for

Upon me seems unlikely to visit, this love-exiled hermit

- Ann-Marie Wilmot

Easter love

To find yourself you have to reappear

if you lose someone, search your heart dear

I lost myself in this love trial

I found my soul in self-denial

You lost your faith in the darkness of the night

not finding any hope in the lack of light

Easter lilies in a vase stand proud

with petals wide open, but making no sound

Teardrops on the window that lie still

young girl with wrong love folding her last will

- Karam T-Narg


Slowly slipping back to that place of suicidal solemnity

in which my skies are shrouded by darkness

it is silencing me with loneliness

and stifling me with sorrow

Stretching my limbs at imaginary stationery

rapidly inheriting senselessness

swimming in my thoughts again

- Shanese Whyte


Where will I be in two years?

Will I be happy or a tolerant fool?

My life's aura seems to be dimming so often

What am I to do?

My life's worth seems to mean nothing

I am trapped in a tangled web that I have helped to knit over the years A web without doors

Long road, hard road, dark road

Empty, confused

Who am I?

How long will I have to study this thing called life?

Is my graduation near?

Only the Saviour knows

- Latoya Brown

Blinded by love

I can't see the bad in you

I'm oblivious to the wrong you do

I see no physical imperfection

There are no blemishes to your complexion

Your talent shines, taking all from the sun

They see all your failures

I see victories to be won

To them slowly; to me surely, you are rising above

Or maybe they're right

I'm just blinded by love

To some your style may be a bit over the top

But I see nothing to add and absolutely nothing to drop

Your attitude is one often misconstrued

They need to look deeper, think those thoughts anew

Your personality embeds all that's good and kind

Like a breath of fresh air

With you I feel revived

You're never one to accept defeat; you always find a way to rise above

Too bad they can't see all that's visible to me

They continue to believe I'm just blinded by love

- Shanice Thomas