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Poetry 4

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I have never in my life felt this way

well, that was until ...

My self-worth it seems

began dripping down the drain

I do not bask in self pity

I shun it

I shall not harbour it


it's not the me

I wish to portray

I am bold, I am beautiful

but your actions I cannot handle

What then, friend?

Shall I pretend?

Shall I act without end?

Smile with numbness at your stabs

Deeper and deeper into my chest

I am a fool

for setting my sights upon you

Your rules

Your views

Your wants

Your desires

I lack the capacity

to stimulate

but one day I shall cease

I shall cease

Yes, I will cease

from chasing the soles of your shoes

that have left me depressed


- Shelliannamor


Next time you do it

use some

cotton, gauze

with alcohol

or normal saline

to wipe the blood away

You torture nicely

but don't leave



of the insult

don't leave a paper trail

of reports

of inquisitions

how many charges to book

now you denied


food, water, lunch

time to pray

over a religious holiday

the cross on

the rosary



don't say it was

a learning exercise

and how you were helping anyone

but to torture on and on and on and on

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

My friend

It's been a while since I've spoken to you

In my heart I should feel ashamed

So much hurt and pain I've been through

Knowing I'm the one to be blamed

But now that I am here

I have something to say

Remove the scales from my eyes

And save me, Lord, I pray

It was to you I made a promise

That I would never turn away

You have always been my friend

But my mind has sometimes strayed

Now here I lie at your feet

Needing to be broken by you

You've always known my heart

Please tell me what to do

I feel beyond my pain

As you look beyond my sins

Make me once more your child

And let your light so shine within

You were there before my beginning

Now save me at my end

My soul belongs to you

My one and only friend

- Joseph J. Powell


I imagine

The day

When we will

See each other

Face to face

And as we approach

I would

Tell you something bad

To suffice the wrong

You did

But honestly

I wish

That when we see each other

Face to face

I would just tell you

Something nice


Just to have a clean conscience

And render our dispute


- Anna Chavell Stewart

Crocodile madness

A crocodile made us united and gave us endurance

The excitement was rare, the anticipation consuming

It left the town empty and made the riverside full

The atmosphere was pregnant with anxiety

Like the inflated belly of the fierce reptile

Apparently harmless, it lay there captive

Subdued to entertain the minds of men and women, boys and girls

And so were the activities of the households everywhere

Hot pots covered and the brushing ceased

The rake on the ground and the quarrel appeased

In the heat of the sweltering sun and the approaching night

All cares surrendered to satisfy the need

The heat of the moment rose and diminished the heat

Everyone gathered wanting to see, a few to approach

Climax of captivity and the faces swarmed the street

All muscles contracted in its pursuit

The crocodile captured, helpless and still

Cheers to the supporters

And an informal O.D to the undertakers

They overcame the conflict

Of fear vs ego

The discourse radiated and pervaded the air

Tears, laughter, shouts and amusement



On a holy day deemed to be good

I pronounce it to be the best

No tail to be had

I'm sure there's bun and cheese

But preserve the exuberance practice the law and protect our wildlife!

- Orette C. Burke

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