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Letter Of The Day - Flag transcends partisan politics

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:Permit me to add my voice to the recent issue surrounding the misuse of the Jamaican flag at the swearing-in ceremony of the St James councillors.

As a national symbol, the flag must never be compromised, nor should it be used for petty partisan politics or be treated as the property of any ruling government, for it both represents and belongs to the people of this nation.

As a right-thinking Jamaican, who neither bleeds green nor orange, I am embarrassed and disappointed by the actions of those who sought to compromise this symbol of the nation at the swearing-in ceremony of the St James councillors in Montego Bay on March 29.

without hope

In this our 50th year of Independence, when there is so much discourse regarding how much we have grown and matured as a nation, that the green, the symbol of hope of the people, would not have been included is cause for much concern. Without hope, there can be no positive future for any of us. Without hope, we are all left in a state of perpetual despair.

Irrespective of what Mayor Glendon Harris and others in the ruling party's hierarchy may wish to say, there MUST be greater accountability for the abominable display of the flag at that ceremony. It cannot be that the Government has adopted the rather banal position that, yes, an error was made and it is indeed regretted, BUT this will not hurt the PNP.

In like vein, it cannot be that Mayor Harris is simply allowed to issue a statement indicating that the decorator, Denton Edwards, had a shortage of 'green' material and that it was his fault and that he would be refunding the $30,000. These claims have been denied by the decorator.

send clear message

While I understand that the prime minister is at the summit in Colombia, I would wish to hear her views on the matter, for she speaks with the voice of the nation. As we move forward with our jubilee celebrations, a clear signal must be sent from the helm of our nation, that such blatant display of partisan madness will not be tolerated.

For us to have even a scintilla of hope that our nation is truly ready to govern itself for another 50 years, the standard of accountability must be higher. The Jamaican flag gave birth to our nation, and it will continue to fly over Jamaica long after the Manleys, Seagas, Simpson Millers and Holnesses have gone, including Glendon Harris and his successors. The flag unites and transcends us all.