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Christianity has more value

Published:Sunday | April 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Regarding the debate on Christianity vs secularism, and a scoffing comment directed at me by Hilaire Sobers in responding to my statement made in support of Daniel Thwaites that religion and Christianity are not the same - permit me to outline some supporting facts.

An examination of religious values will support Mr Thwaites' point that Christianity is of far more benefit to mankind than secularism. The most important tenet of Christianity is as it relates to mankind is this: Love your neighbour as yourself (Matthew 27:39).

The underpinning tenet of Christianity is self-sacrificing love - one's willingness to give even his life for another human. This precludes the taking of any reasonable right and privilege from anyone, including the right to dignity and justice irrespective of class, race, religion - or the lack thereof.

To cap the debate on theocracy, there is a theocratic government, but as Jesus said, it is not of this world. (Matt 18:36,37). Truth is, God does not need his actions sanctioned by man. If theocratic government currently existed, and God, who is all powerful, appointed president or prime minister, that leader would not need the people's vote.

The final proof is that all the kings of the Earth will gather together to fight the Lamb. (Rev 19:19) The fact that no exception is made shows there is no truly theocratic government existing on Earth today.

christ's example

In contrast to other kings/governments, look at how Christ treated people. He ate with publicans and sinners. (Matt 9:11) He treated prostitutes, adulterers and the diseased with love and respect, while others treated them with scorn. (John 8:7; Luke 7:36-50; Matt 8:2,3)

As the leader of Christianity, the one true theocratic king, Jesus, conferred even on the outcasts of society far more than the human rights which the secular Roman government or monarchy of the day denied them; he conferred on them a love, justice, dignity and compassion that was divine.

He made them whole when they were sick and gave them pride when they were shamed. He forbade war, revenge or the fighting for power, which has killed so many innocents of the Earth. (Matt 26:52; Matt 18:36,37) It is a kingship that takes away nothing good from man, but to the contrary gives him/and promises to give him the best of everything.