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Published:Monday | April 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Mexico's Ambassador to New Zealand and her special friend Nigel Pagon stay close together at the party.
Nafissatou Diagne, ambassador of Senegal gives an impromptu demonstration on how to achieve her fabulous wrap.
Sameer and Leila Younis are looking forward to his big 70th birthday party next month.
From left: Thalia Lyn, Ambassador Leonora Rueda, hostess Rosa Joseph and Captain (retired) Mike Lyn make a perfect frame.
Tiamoyo Lyn and Kwame Pagon strike a million dollar pose.
From left: Thalia Lyn, Clelia Barietto de Hunter and Rosa Joseph put their hands in the air as they dance up a storm. - photos by Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer
From left: Jamaican fashion designer Pat Brown, marketing consultant Anthony Turner, New York-based reggae artistes Nando and Alvin Allen (Paashot), Erwin Clare, CEO of Team Jamaica Bickle, and Jamaican Olympian Grace Jackson, one of the honorees at the recent Team Jamaica Bickle annual Penn Relays reception in New York. - Contributed
From left: Digicel's Trisha K. Thompson, Tru-Juice's Kim Lee, Pepsi's Anya Kirton and the National Commercial Bank's Belinda Williams toast their record-breaking corporate lunch at Track's and Records last Thursday. See this week's Food section for details. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

Former Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica, now New Zealand, Leonora Rueda, visited the island last week to see some very close friends and end her vacation in the region before heading back to the land of the kiwis on Saturday. On Thursday night, her BFF, Rosa Joseph, hosted an intimate cocktail party at her residence for her. Here are some highlights from the do and read all about the party in Sunday's Outlook.