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Do something about rampant child abuse

Published:Monday | April 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I have to question whether reports of the prevalence of child abuse in Jamaica really move us.

What happens when this disgusting, repulsive reality reaches home? What happens when it is YOUR sister that is being sexually abused by YOUR cousin? What happens when it is YOUR brother being abused by YOUR aunt? What then? Do you not keep quiet? Dive head first into denial?

The thought of actually standing up to the abuser and confronting him or her, forbidding that deviant from ever setting foot on your premises again, just seems too stressful for YOU to deal with.

YOU can't bother to create any tension within the family. YOU wouldn't dream of cutting off all contact with that family member, severing that family tie for all eternity.

So, the predator gets another chance to be around its prey. And another chance. And another - because of your inability to deal with the fact that this abuse occurred.

Is this about YOU and what YOU can or cannot deal with? Or is this about helping a hurting, shattered soul recover?

We are a people so repulsed by child abuse, but why are we not disgusted to the point where we actually do something? Where is that instinct to protect our young at whatever cost?


Mona Heights, Kingston 6