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Encourage someone with a smile today

Published:Monday | April 16, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Children of Osborne Store Basic School perform at a signing ceremony at the Clarendon-based institution. - CONTRIBUTED
Students and teachers of the School for Therapy, Education and Parenting of Children with Multiple Disabilities Centre perform during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new school on Tremaine Road, Kingston, on Tuesday. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Steve Lyston, Contributor

Regardless of one's status, there are many persons going through great problems and the challenges of life.

But regardless of what we are going through, and particularly those who interact with the public regularly (if not daily), we still need to encourage each other on a daily basis.

You may be going through financial, health or family problems, but if you encourage someone on a regular basis, we will all be able to get through each day more hopeful than we were the day before.

In Jamaica, there is a saying, "encouragement sweetens labour". We need to put this into action and reap the benefits.

Realise that regardless of how pleasant a person may seem, something troubling may be going on inside and you may just be the one who can change the course of that person's day for the better.

A simple smile, or a kind word on the job may increase production tremendously. It can also reduce stress and the volume of medication intake.

It can cause the person to bounce back and if that is so, then both employers and employees benefit significantly. Kind words can bring peace, healing, hope and positive change.

Still hope

You may think that your situation is bad until you come across someone in a worse position.

Then you will realise that there is hope for you yet. Never complain about your environment or circumstances. Always pray and give thanks.

You may be complaining about your salary/pay. What about those who don't have a job? If you don't have a job and you are complaining, what about those who have no job and no home?

You may be complaining about your husband or wife. What about those who just lost a spouse or the single persons who are lonely and are praying to be married? Some of you may be complaining about your size, height or skin colour. What about those who are terminally ill and just want to live?

Many are complaining about social and political problems within the nation. Things may seem bad, until you visit some other country and realise that you have a lot to give thanks for.

In some countries, there are not even basic human rights. A simple thing such as drinkable water is unavailable. In some places, there is no freedom of speech - particularly for women - and there is no religious tolerance.

In Jamaica, even the most wicked murderer will walk with a New Testament Bible in hand; while in other places, you can't even be seen with a leaf from the Bible. There are some places where gender issues cannot even be discussed or entertained in the least.

When we refuse to show gratitude to God for what we have, where we are and where He has taken us from, or when we fail to encourage or motivate someone on a regular basis we will lose those things.

For everything you have been through, use those experiences to help encourage someone else.

Encourage someone today, although you may need encouragement yourself.

When you feel discouraged, find someone in a worse situation than you are.

Find the street boys and motivate them. Tell them what you have been through and the hope they have. It may sound far-fetched, but one kind word could start crime reduction.

There are two things about us as a people that we must seek to change; we criticise everything and we don't forgive.

But when you turn the negative criticism into positive action, and begin implementing changes we would be better off. We are excellent at fault-finding, but terrible at implementing positive actions.

How many positive plans have been developed? And how many of those plans have been implemented?

If we don't change, then one day, our beautiful nation will be taken over by expatriates, our people will become the minority and all the strategic areas in the nation will be held by foreigners.

All the resources will be pulled from our country. Borrowing cannot take us out of debt, we must unite to make that happen.

Any action taken to bring change to our nation must be a positive one and it can start with one smile.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.