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LETTER OF THE DAY - Partisans showing true colours in MoBay

Published:Tuesday | April 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I really don't know know what to call what happened at the swearing-in of Montego Bay mayor, Glendon Harris. A fiasco? A debacle? A national disgrace?

If this happens at his installation, what will happen later? He didn't see the backdrop until just before the ceremony. Who has ultimate responsibility? Was the decorator contracted too late for the job to be finished in time so that Courtney Hume, as has been alleged, could make the asinine suggestion for him to leave out the green in the interest of time?

Then we have contradictory versions from mayor and decorator. If the mayor is found to be lying, he should resign. I was not happy with the mayor wearing two hats in the first place. Being mayor of the Second City is no easy task. Nor is being president of the Jamaica Agricultural Society. Let Mr Harris stick to the latter and help move agriculture forward instead of succeeding at neither.

We Jamaicans are not strong on the flag. We suddenly become patriotic as the Olympics or World Championships approaches. Our flag is noticeably absent on the hustings. We see orange or green at these meetings. We are PNP and JLP; we are not Jamaican. We are a country. We are an island. But by no stretch of the imagination can we be called a nation.

How else can one explain what happened in Montego Bay? What colours do our athletes wear when they compete? Can you imagine that this happened in a year that we are supposed to be celebrating the 50th year of Independence?

But on a brighter note, bravo to the people of Trelawny. They elected four PNP councillors, four JLP councillors and an Independent. I hope that the two parties take heed. The people of Trelawny are saying that neither party is essentially better. I hope this council can set an example of cooperation to the rest of Jamaica.

Of course, kudos go to the people in the Lorrimers division who voted for Paul Patmore, the Independent who trounced both JLP and PNP candidates.

This, indeed, is 'People Power'!



Mandeville, Manchester