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Published:Wednesday | April 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Do you think the prime minister should comment on the flag fiasco?

Leave all political affiliation out this. Respect and honour to one's country should be every true party and political leader's prerogative. It doesn't matter if man is a socialist or Labourite. Jamaica comes first!

- Richard Lord

No need to. What is all this issue over a symbolic piece of cloth for? There are bigger issues to tackle. Noel Arscott, who is representing the people and representing the PM, has done a good job of apology.

- Vanessa Samuels

The PM is in Colombia. JLP is just angry and only has this to hold on to, what happened is wrong, but it seems like this is more important than the other ills of the country, all because the green was left out. What if it was the black, what would the response be?

- Leighton Spartacus Cornwall

No. Like all things in Jamaica, it will go away. However, someone in her party should distance themself from it.

- Godfrey Harris-McLean

Being the prime minister or a concerned citizen of this country, Portia should at least admit that the act was wrong and publicly apologise on the party's behalf for the GRAND disrespect of our most valuable symbol.

But while we cast our stones at the party, let us consider the possibility that maybe she didn't know until afterwards, and she is at this time contemplating the right words to say to the public, so that we may understand clearly the mishap. I am not pleased and will never be.

- Markk Palma

Yes! This is part of our pride, nationally and internationally. We should take the politics out of what represents Jamaica and its people. It doesn't seem we are yet emancipated mentally.

- Rosemarie Campbell

Definitely! This is beyond politics! We teach children in schools to respect national emblems. Adults, especially in certain strata of society, have a responsibility in transferring this knowledge. Maybe harsh, but others should resign also.

- Gillian Campbell

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What do you think about the Transport Authority vehicle amnesty?

Just like the tax amnesty, it says that if you wait long enough, you won't have to pay.

- roberthowelljm

It is great to see the Government helping tax-paying citizens to retrieve their assets. At the end of the day, it is a win-win. I wish the JLP could have helped me last year when my car slept in the pound for four months.

- cosmo876

I think it is a great move that is beneficial to all the parties involved.

- stargirlkerry,

It's a good thing.

- dcapo73

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