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Decorator in flag foul-up laments 'wicked witch' portrayal

Published:Wednesday | April 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Adrian Frater, News Editor

Western Bureau:

Decorator Denton Edwards, the man at the heart of the 'flag foul-up' controversy stemming from the recent swearing-in ceremony for Montego Bay's new mayor, Councillor Glendon Harris, is not a happy camper these days as attention from the media mounts.

"This incident (flag foul-up) is affecting me in a negative way and I am not happy about it," said Edwards, who operates Eddies Fabric Work & Décor. "I am constantly being bombarded by the media for interviews and I am not enjoying all this attention."

In addition to the media attention, the soft-spoken Edwards is also unhappy with the way he is being portrayed, especially in regard to the spin-off from his contradictory claims that he was responsible for the colour green being left off the backdrop used for the swearing-in ceremony.

"Some people are portraying me as a kind of wicked witch, while others are saying that I cause a man (Courtney Hume) to lose his job," said Edwards. "I did not do anything wrong … . All I did was speak the truth about what happened."

Came to national notice

Edwards was catapulted into the national spotlight earlier this week when Harris told a sitting of the St James Parish Council that he (Edwards) had accepted blame for the flag foul-up and had promised to refund the $30,000 paid to him to provide the décor for the ceremony.

Edwards subsequently denied the mayor's claim, dismissing the assertion that he had taken responsibility for the foul-up, had run out of green cloth to complete the backdrop, and had promised to refund the money he was paid.

Edwards also fingered Hume, whom he said he was told was a protocol officer from the Office of the Prime Minister, as the person who instructed him to forgo the completion of the backdrop in the interest of time.

Despite the acrimonious situation his revelation has caused, Edwards said if given the opportunity, he would still continue to do work for the St James Parish Council.

"My work with the parish council over the years has had nothing to do with politics … . It was no party favour," said Edwards. "I am a businessman who operates in a professional manner at all times."

With the media constantly after him for comment, Edwards has been instructed by his attorney, George Thomas, to not give any unsanctioned interviews. However, his primary wish was for the matter to be brought to a swift conclusion.

"Right now, I have to be shielding my family away from all the attention," he lamented.