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Mandeville lawyer freed of charges

Published:Wednesday | April 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Correction & Clarification

It was stated that Crown councel Alwayne Smith had said that there was no basis in law and fact to have charged attorney-at-law Debayo Adedipe. However a written statement to the court on tuesday indicates that smith had said: "As a matter of law, the material on file does not rise to the standard neccessary for us to persue a prosecution in this matter. There is no material on file to suggest the conduct (actions or inactions) of the accused would suggest complicity on his part in a design, plan or agreement to defraud anyone." Smith also said in court documents that there was sufficient basis as to the methods of the person who sold the property and allegedly purchased it and the accused Adedipe which would have reasonably caused the police to investigate and charge for the relevant offences.


Fraud and money-laundering charges were dropped yesterday against attorney-at-law Debayo Adebepipe when he appeared in the Mandeville Resident Magistrate's Court in Manchester.

Crown Counsel Alwayne Smith told Resident Magistrate Stephanie Jackson Haisley that the director of public prosecutions had entered a nolle prosequi (no prosecution) in the matter.

Smith outlined in a written submission that there was no basis in law and fact to have charged Adebepipe.

The allegations were that in 2009, Adebepipe represented a vendor in a land transaction, but the sale fell through. It is further alleged that 18 months later he represented the vendor in the sale of the same land and it was eventually sold.

It was reported that the person who had at first attempted to purchase the property allegedly made a report to the police that he paid money to the vendor for the property.

Based on the report Adebepipe was arrested and charged last year. He maintained from the outset that he did not receive any money.

Adebepipe was represented by attorneys-at-law Owen Crosbie, Ravil Golding, Howard Lettman, Norman Godfrey, Donald Gittens, Baldeo Ricketts and Marcus Greenwood.

One of the lawyers told The Gleaner yesterday that Adebepipe was going to file a civil suit to recover damages for malicious prosecution and libel.