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Traffic ticket amnesty is Gov't's first bill

Published:Wednesday | April 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE Government yesterday tabled a bill in the House of Representatives which seeks to enhance revenue administration and collection by granting an amnesty under the Road Traffic Act.

The Road Traffic (Temporary Ticket Amnesty) Act is the first to be tabled by the Government since taking state power more than 100 days ago.

If approved by Parliament, an amnesty on traffic tickets issued before September 20, 2010 will take effect immediately and will last for six months.

If a person pays the outstanding traffic ticket during the amnesty, he would not be liable for conviction for the outstanding traffic offence.

The bill also proposes that no demerit points be applied to the driver's licence held by the person; and to void all warrants that might have been previously issued by a justice of the peace or resident magistrate in respect of the offence.

Last week, Justice Minister Mark Golding said the failure of the Government to table a single bill in Parliament since taking office in January resulted from substandard drafts that were inherited.

"Those pieces of legislation which were supposedly ready to be tabled, we received them and found various issues with them that had to be corrected, so we have had to do some legislative drafting work just to get them in a state that we feel comfortable with," Golding told The Gleaner.