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RADA DIARIES: How to tag your goats (Part 2)

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Ear Tags

This method is easier to carry out and the tags are easy to read. However, this method is not permanent as a tag can be accidentally ripped from ear or break.

Items needed for this method:

Ear tag applicator

Ear tags



1. Before applying the ear tag, be sure to record the number to be assigned to the goat.

2. There are some tags that are pre-numbered; if they are not, use a permanent marker to indicate a number on a tag.

3. When completed, load the tag in the applicator.

4. Restrain your goat kid by holding it firmly and allowing free access to the ear to be tagged.

5. Older goats will require more constraint and can be straddled and their heads pressed against your attendant's thigh for ease.

6. Identify the area on the ear to be tagged.

7. Be sure to go between the large veins in your goat's ears.

8. The veins are located in the large creases in the ear.

9. Clean the area identified for tagging with alcohol. A few farmers have used ice to numb the area to be pierced.

10. Position the ear tagger over the area you have selected and give it a strong squeeze. If the ear tag has two parts, be sure the top and bottom parts are on the correct sides of the ear before you squeeze.

11. Ear tagging causes about as much pain as getting your own ears pierced.

12. When you are done, you will have an easy-to-read identification number on your goat that can be used for herd records and health certificates, and as identification in cases where praedial larceny occurs.

Contributed by Maia Chung, director, communications and public relations, Rural Agricultural Development Authority.