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That perfect bun

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Right in time for Jamaica's 50th anniversary, Honey Bun has come up with a new range of delicious buns.
The honey in Honey Bun.
The fruit bun allows you to enjoy fruit bun all year round and not just at Easter. - Photos by Nashauna Drummond
Honey Bun spent months formulating the perfect blend of spices to create the perfect bun.

For Jamaica's 50th anniversary, we will finally have the perfect bun, thanks to Honey Bun.

Bun is synonymous with Easter, but is a part of every Jamaican's life. Approaching Jamaica's 50th anniversary, Honey Bun invested heavily in product development and consumer research to modify their bun formula to get that 'perfect bun' that consumers have craved for years. Countless hours and taste testing islandwide were used to determine exactly what the perfect texture and the perfect blend of flavours were.

They have, and introduced two additional variations to the original spiced bun, which is not just good at Easter but all year round.

There is the cheese bun, which is a spiced bun with soft, delicious cheese already inside. They have also introduced the fruit bun, which is a version of the spiced bun with candied fruits similar to that Easter goodness - quickly becoming known as the reggae bun or rasta bun. These are individually packaged, so there is no waste or leftover and it keeps them fresh.

The Gleaner's Food section conducted its own taste tests of the new buns. Here are the results.

I love the fruit bun! Not too sweet, has the right blend of fruits and even if it's not the freshest one out the oven, it doesn't lose the taste. By far, my favourite Honey Bun product!

I really liked the cheese bun. I find that the salt and sugar content is just right! The buns are quite moist as well.

The fruit bun I particularly enjoyed. It was softer than most buns without compromising the flavour.

For me, the spiced bun wasn't spicy enough.

What fruit? Bun was dry with two pieces of dried fruit on it.

All three buns were tasty and enjoyable.

Each bun has its own unique taste, giving individuals their choice of bun. That's good. I love them all, but if I must choose, I would go for the cheese bun. I think I like that one better.

The spiced bun is not too sweet and has a bland taste.

The fruit bun is very tasty but a bit sweet and one of my favourites. The fruits make it more palatable.

The cheese bun is a nice combination, but I do not like the cheese.

I like the fruit bun. It's full of flavour and perfectly fresh. I don't like the cheese bun. There is something inherently wrong about having bun with cheese spread.

The fruit bun was very nice would like some more fruits in it, but I love that I can taste the various spices.

I find spiced buns to be too plain, and much prefer my bun with fruits. I really liked the fruit bun, though I wish it had more fruits. I also enjoyed the cheese bun. But the perfect bun for me would be a combination of spice, fruit and cheese - a fruity cheese bun, or a cheesy fruit bun ... with spice.

Both flavours that I sampled (fruit and spice) were quite flavourful. Based on my natural preference, the fruit bun got the nod, but both were quite good. I hope that quality control is maintained.

The fruit bun had very good texture, not dry at all. Perfect for squeezing in your hand with a thick slice of cheese and just eating slowly!