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It's orange season! - Tru-Juice (not from concentrate) hits shelves

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Orange juice not from concentrate. Look out for the white label.
A freshly picked orange.
Tru-Juice varieties. - Contributed photos

Juice lovers are in for a special treat, as it's orange season! This time of year, oranges are at their sweetest and crops are in abundance. The season runs for about six months and during this time manufacturers like Trade Winds Citrus, makers of Tru-Juice, provides consumers with 100 per cent freshly squeezed orange juice, not from concentrate.

The juice hit supermarket shelves on April 16 and will be available until the season ends in June.

Since launching its 100 per cent squeezed orange juice in 1991, consumers have developed a great love and loyalty for the product. Though Trade Winds Citrus is known most for its signature product, Tru-Juice, the company also produces Wakefield Juices, Freshhh and Tru Tea. Utilising local home-grown fruits such as otaheite, tamarind, cherry and soursop.

According to Peter McConnell, managing director, Trade Winds Citrus, Tru-Juice Orange Juice is produced from two sources.

Orange for all seasons

"During orange season, we use premium extractors to make freshly squeezed orange juice. In this process, the juice is separated from pulp, skins and seeds, and then pasteurised. During the offseason, we produce orange juice from our locally manufactured concentrate which is reconstituted and again pasteurised before bottling," McConnell explained.

Approximately one hundred thousand plants are produced annually. A tree takes about 12 to 15 months to grow, and a good lifespan is 20 years.

"Trade Winds guarantees consistent quality by utilising the budding method. We purchase between 10 to 40 per cent of our oranges from local farm owners.

"Inside the factory, the fruits are selected and washed then go through four operations: concentrate plant, juice blending and bottling and distribution. Afterwards, the oranges are transported to the juice evaporator. Fresh orange juice is condensed by evaporating water out of it. There are no chemicals in this process, and this creates the concentrate that is needed to produce the juice outside of orange season.

"So concentrate is just as the name suggests, concentrated orange juice, all natural!" McConnell emphasised.

All Jamaican

McConnell assures consumers that Tru-Juice is all-Jamaican,s and that from the groves to the factories Jamaicans are employed to create the product.

"From the groves to the bottles, our juice is 100 per cent juice and 100 per cent Jamaican. We are happy to say that we have always been strong supporters of local agriculture and business, and Trade Winds has certainly grown into its own over the years as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing sector," McConnell said.

The company is also dedicated to satisfying the demands of its consumers. "Some of our juice flavours were added because of the demand for those types of juices. In addition, our No Sugar Added and Tru Tea lines have come along to satisfy the needs of the health conscious. We are devoted to providing the best products for our consumers and we are grateful for their unwavering support," McConnell revealed.

"In today's competitive world, we have to do what it takes to stay on top. For us, that means pleasing the consumers and listening to their requests and comments," he added.