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LETTER OF THE DAY - Gay movement must be patient

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2012 | 12:00 AM


The gay pride movement in Jamaica has successfully belittled and bullied me, threatened my sense of safety and security, ridiculed and spat upon my values and identity, and labelled me a bigot who is also mentally ill.

I am not anti-gay. I have known and loved many gay people. However, why has the gay movement in Jamaica become so hateful, militant and dangerous? Why so acerbic, intolerant and abusive? In particular, the language of the gay movement against Christians in Jamaica is appalling. If some gay people had their way, all churches would be shut down, Christians would be required by law to wear a muzzle, if not banished from the face of the earth, and a trade embargo placed on Jamaica.

The gay lobby is intolerant and impatient. For many reasons, the majority of people are uncomfortable with homosexuality. But instead of patient, reasoned dialogue, there is greater emphasis on trying to force acceptance and bully people into changing their minds. Has the gay movement done enough to engage people one-on-one?

The hypocrisy is also quite staggering because both the United Kingdom and the United States have their share of issues with their laws and acceptance of homosexuality. Recent trends show rapidly increasing acceptance of homosexuality, particularly among the younger generation.

Ten years ago, the stats were different. So even in these liberal societies, change had time to take its course. Why not allow Jamaica its own time to evolve?