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Something extra

Published:Friday | April 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Long-standing friendships: Joining in the first anniversary celebration of Tracks and Records on Thursday night but taking some time out for a photo-op are (from left) long-time friends Nugent Walker, Bolt's executive manager, Paula Pinnock-MacLeod, Digicel marketing executive, and Usain Bolt. - Contributed
The lovely Avril Norton, property manager at the Courtleigh Auditorium.
Patrice DaCosta, image consultant, poses for Something Extra.
Champion ticket vendor, the fabulous Ann-Marie Vaz, who is also a soon-to-be Justice of the Peace! - photos by Colin Hamilton/ Freelance Photographer
Josephine Bogues carefully goes through ticket stubs before the raffle.
Gloria Palomino (left) greets American Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater as she arrives.
The new executive of the American Women's Group (from left): Fayval Williams, Jan Harmon, Gail Lee, Ann-Marie Vaz and president Gloria Palomino. - photo by Barbara Ellington
From left: Tricia Mohan, Sandy Hordatt and Oliver McIntosh came out last Saturday at 5.a.m. for Jamaica's first-ever breakfast fête dubbed 'SUNRISE'. The event went up until 11 a.m. and was a melting pot, as some patrons came after playing J'Ouvert, or directly from home. - Contributed
Yendi Phillipps is out to enjoy SUNRISE! - contributed

was a big one for 10 lucky winners in the American Women's Group fund-raising raffle. Kudos to first vice-president, Ann-Marie Vaz, for selling more than $500,000 worth of tickets! And, thanks to United States Ambassador Pamela Bridgwater who drew the tickets. She thanked everyone for donating prizes and their continued support of the organisation.

Here are some highlights of the occasion, held inside New Kingston's Courtleigh Auditorium. A big thanks to Sweet Belle for the delicious sweet treats they donated.