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MANWELL offers lifeline to Mandeville healthcare system

Published:Saturday | April 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Fitness Gym instructor Tyson (in army-fatigue pants) taking walkers through their warm-up exercises.- Contributed
Immediate Past Chairman Danny Lewis presents a vital-signs monitor to Earl McLaughlin, CEO of the Percy Junor Hospital.- Contributed
Alicia James (right), chairman of Manchester Wellness Foundation, presents a four-port nebuliser to Alwyn Miller, CEO of the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

Valerie Dixon, Contributor

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:CONGRATULATIONS ARE in order for the Manchester Wellness Foundation (MANWELL), following their recently held walkathon in Mandeville that raised approximately $600,000.

At the presentation ceremony on Sunday, MANWELL chairman Alicia James, presented a four-port nebuliser to Alwyn Miller, CEO of the Mandeville Regional Hospital. This equipment will allow up to four asthma sufferers or other patients needing oxygen to be attended to at the same time. Immediate past chairman Danny Lewis presented a vital-signs monitor to Earl McLaughlin, the CEO of the Percy Junor Hospital. This equipment will allow for the critical monitoring of patients during surgery; when patients are being transported between hospitals; and for patients who need special monitoring while on the wards.

A proctosigmoidoscope, used to inspect the anus, rectum and colon of patients, will be presented to the Percy Junor Hospital and three state-of-the-art patient stretchers will be presented to the Mandeville Regional Hospital soon after their arrival.

MANWELL was formed in 2004 and through its fund-raising efforts, the foundation has raised, to date, over $7 million. The foundation has been leading the charge, through its fund-raising activities, to assist with the improvement of Manchester's hospitals, health clinics and mental-health facility for many years.


The fund-raising walkathon, which took place last Sunday, was well organised and received entries from 200 walkers from a wide cross section of society and in various stages of fitness. In the 'twinkling of an eye', the fittest of the fit returned, drenched in sweat that cleansed the toxins from their bodies. Those who came in later, and much later, were, nonetheless, congratulated for having finished the course.

Through this annual event, MANWELL draws attention and awareness to the sharp rise in the chronic diseases of diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension), heart attacks and strokes. These diseases are brought about primarily because of poor choices many of us make in the foods we eat and, in many cases, our unwillingness to exercise for even a minimum of 30 minutes, three times per week. Walking forces persons to move and muscles need energy to move us. If a person has too much glucose or sugar (which gives energy) in his blood, exercise will mop up some of this excess sugar and by so doing, help him to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Hence, a person is unlikely to be diagnosed as being diabetic. Therefore, proper dieting and exercise, can keep these chronic diseases in check.

The directors of MANWELL would like to thank their main sponsor Advantage General Insurance Company and member of parliament, Peter Bunting for their significant support, as well as the many companies and individuals who contributed to the financial success of this year's walkathon.

MANWELL directors invite all Manchesterians and others to attend a free health fair to be held on the Mandeville Greens in September; and to the staging of the main fund-raising event, 'Let's Eat and Dance' to be held in November.

Directors of Manwell: Alicia James, Danny Lewis, Carolgene Williams, Fay Heaven, Valerie Dixon, Janice Henry, Dr. Carol Burrell, Herschel Ismail, Diana McIntyre-Pike, Myrna Bailey and Jean Caesar-Brown.
Associate directors: Fay Petgrave and Mark Pike