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Published:Sunday | April 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM



At a mayoral swearin een

Dem put up di flag an lef off di green

Jus' a black rectangle an' a gold 'x'

An' whole heap a people get vex

Dem really neva did expect

Such a level of blatant disrespect

Wedda laziness or political act

Di point is dat it was blinkin' slack

But den again, we nuh respect wi emblem dem

Look wah we do wi national anthem

We sing 'guide' instead a 'guard' all a di time

An bawl out 'BOOM' inna di laas few lines

An pon top a dat yu know mi haffi mention

Seh while it a play instead a stan at attention

Some a we siddung same way inna wi seat

An carry on conversation an nuh stop kin up wi teet'

Den we ask why Jamaica nuh deh pon di right track

But a di 'a nuh nuttn' mentality dat really a hol' we back

An' to tell oonu di truth, we nah reach anywhere

If we keep up a attitude dat is wutliss an 'don't care'

So fly di black an' gold an' green,

Fly it high an proud

An learn di words fi di anthem,

An sing it clear an loud

Fi Jamaica to be top a top,

Dat a fi mi prayer

So shout it mek di whole worl' know,

We likkle but we deh ya!

- Michael Abrahams

 Yet you came

You were born yet a babe

In a manger

Before your birth you were already turned away

You knew this would happen

Yet you came

Each time you spoke

Questions arose, doubts were expressed and anger was near

You knew most would reject you

Yet you came

Following your father's orders

To die for those who hated you

Sinned against you

Spat on you, and betrayed you

You knew the pain you would feel, to save the world from themselves

You knew the blood you would shed

For crimes you never committed

You knew the nails that were to be daggered into your body

For swords drawn in wars your father never authorised

Yet you came

You had no part in our worldly ways

You never once sinned

You were the only clean one

The holy one, the free one, but because of our ways you became the scapegoat

Sentenced to bondage on a cross that you bear for the world to be free


You will rise again

You will live again

And smile again

Sit by your father's side again

You knew you would return, but you had to pay the price

That's why you came

Because you loved us


I'm glad you came

- Racquel Robertson


Skin colour

Do you love the skin you are in?

Why is there much preoccupation with the colour of our skin?

Are you happy at what looks back at you?

Does your skin define you?

Black skin, white skin, what colour are you?

Sun-damaged skin, bleached skin too

What difference does the colour make?

Love the skin you are in

Wear it with a proud, broad, ear to ear grin

Skin is just skin

Don't allow it to define you!

- Wayne Campbell

Strong woman

Her haughty laughter

Echoes with vigour

Across your mind

As her beauty captures

The span of your attention

Leaving a good impression

That best describes

Her strong personality

That reaches out and commands

The respect of a world

That stands captivated

In her presence

A woman of substance


A mother

An only parent


She stands alone

Still in command

Of a world falling down

Leaving her kneeling

On a foundation


Out of determination

And courage

Against all odds

She's climbed through

The rubbles of hardship

Struggling, fighting

Losing, winning

And stands above all adversaries


- Keswick Simpson

My angered soul

I will be angry no more
For I, luckily, have another person
responsible for my heartbeats
And if her soul is no longer angry,
why should mine be?

- Yanique Taylor

Just pray

When you are in the wilderness all alone
With no credit on your phone
There's a friend who is always there
Whose network is accessible anywhere
You can call him anytime
You don't need Digicel or LIME
Just whisper a prayer to him
Then listen carefully for his ping

- Charlene Harris

All a heart can take

Sitting on the edge
And looking at the moon
I'm thinking and I know
That God is coming soon
As tears gather in my eyes
I wish that you could see
How much my heart is breaking
How much you mean to me
All I do is wish upon thestars
And know that God is real
'Cause if there was no God at all
I wouldn't feel the way I feel
When will you see that all you do is hurt me?
When will you see that I'm trying
my best to make you trust me?
It hurts my heart so many times but
I love you so much
But I feel like I might stop trying
'Cause a heart can only take so much

- Roxann Williams

I'm in love

I'm in love
She's beautiful
She has a heart of gold
I know she loves me
By what she does
More than what's being told
How do I know?
I know by the things I want to do
I am willing t do
And by the things I've done
I know when I look around me
I see her in everyone
Everything is present
My emotions come alive
Her voice, her mind, her body
Create a healthy drive
I'm taken, I'm given
I've made my choice
I'm celebrating, I'm happy
For I have reason to rejoice

- Keswick Simpson

Departure pain

Just when I thought your worth to
be like that of gold
You left me out in the cold
Thought your love was heaven sent
but in my heart you left a dent
I was left with mixed emotions
but I will ot bow to evil
I am now lost in a place I call
mad land
Not knowing where I really stand
but if there was something you left
for me
then I might just succeed
or if you could tell me why or try to explain
Then I would not have felt so much pain

- Mark Grant

For my sister

Sometimes it seems like love is gone
Simply dissipated as time passed by
But them, I look in your eyes and
I realise love is very much alive
The slparkle in your eyes as you
both stroll by
Is like looking at the stars in the
still of the night
It's so gripping, it simply cannot be denied
The girly giggle, the boyish smile
It is like watching Adam and Eve reunite
Perfectly fitted to God's delight
Thanks for keeping love shinning
so bright
Please don't hide what you have
just let it shine
And may God continue to be your light

- Patricia Clarke

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